A Rich Cultural Tradition

Ethiopia, with its decadent history spanning millennia, is widely considered the birthplace of coffee. According to legend, coffee beans were discovered in the 9th century by a goat herder, Kaldi, after his goats were found awake dancing around late into the night after eating coffee berries. Kaldi shared this news with a local monastery where monks discovered that by making a beverage with the coffee berries, they could stay awake during long nights of prayer. Eventually, coffee began to spread throughout the Middle East then to Europe and throughout the world, making it one of the most popular beverages in the world to this day.


Today in Ethiopia, coffee is a quintessential part of the culture. Coffee is seen not only as a beverage to be enjoyed, but an experience to be shared. Through the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony, both strangers and loved ones are brought together, and communities are formed. Experiencing a cup of rich, flavorful and powerful Ethiopian coffee together builds and strengthens connections among families, friends and neighbors. Those visiting Ethiopia will be in for a delightful experience when they are treated to a round of freshly roasted and brewed coffee during these ceremonies. Individuals from all walks of life are connected together through enjoying Ethiopian coffee and are brought into the enduring cultural history of coffee in Ethiopia. 

With every cup of Lily’s coffee, you will take part of an enriching cultural legacy of amazing coffee. Not only is the coffee expertly selected, processed, roasted, and packaged, it is done so with consideration of the social and economic impact of coffee that provides a sustainable way of life for many. With every bag of coffee purchased, you are taking part in uplifting women and families who have helped bring this coffee from the cloud forests of Ethiopia to your cup. Lily’s coffee takes you on a journey through the history of Ethiopia as you experience the rich tradition of coffee in every cup. Each bag of coffee is exquisitely crafted so that you can bring a touch of Ethiopian tradition and culture to your own home or place of work and share with those you love.