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Ethiopian Washed Guji - Green Coffee (Not Roasted)

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Green Coffee Beans

Recommended Roast: Light/Medium
Flavor Notes: Peach, melon, cocoa
Region: Guji Zone
Producer: Haile Gebre (Moredocofe)
Varietals: Ethiopian Heirloom
Altitude: 1,900 – 2,200 meters
Processing: Washed and dried on raised beds 

Discover the exquisite Guji coffee experience! Handpicked and washed processed, our unroasted green beans exude a sweet aroma and deliver a captivatingly clean taste. Roast them lightly or to a medium level to unlock notes of peach, melon, and cocoa. Embark on a flavor journey and create your own personalized coffee masterpiece with our exceptional Guji beans.